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For over 20 years I struggled with skin conditions including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Find out why I ditched medication five years ago, cleared my skin and now dedicate my time to helping thousands of others worldwide do the same ...


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Hanna Sillitoe

Through her international best selling book 'Radiant - Recipes to Heal Skin from Within', Hanna inspires a grounded, tangible and self-affirming sense of “Wow! I really can do this” for thousands of followers worldwide looking to naturally heal their skin.

She proves that by moving away from old fashioned steroid treatments that only serve to mask skin conditions, and following a natural protocol concentrated on healing the gut, they can move closer to transforming their life, health and skin.


"The results are from only a few weeks, it is amazing what our own bodies are capable of and how healing food can be to our system. I have NEVER found this amount of relief from any creams and steroids the doctors have prescribed to me. Hanna is amazing."

Leoni Fenney

"The change is amazing ....i m completely off the meds now...I dont go to my doctor appointments too ...concentrating totally on natural healing now ....I ll probably go to her after i m completely healed n show her wat wonders diet can do "


"Absolutely amazing, this was my last ditch attempt to improve my facial eczema. I was sceptical as I have tried so many lotions and potions etc and nothing helped it. Within 1 week I noticed improvements, it was really tough at the beginning but 3 weeks into its totally changed my life, I don’t crave anything now, my skin has improve MASSIVELY and my digestion is the best it’s ever been. "

Andrea Smith

"Have been on this diet for around 18 days now and have seen a amazing improvement in my skin. Yes the first 3 days are tough and for me my skin good worse but for a few days but then breakthrough it worth sticking with it and you will see the results"

Mark Cunnah

"I honestly can't tell you how much this has changed my life. After suffering from psoriasis for the last 13 years I finally have found something that works. After trying chemotherapy drugs, lotions and potions my skin has started to heal itself by following Hanna sillitoe's plan. I can not recommend this plan enough, make the change, you can heal your skin through your diet. We all deserve to be happy in our skin. "


"Changed my life for the better, psoriasis vanished and a stone lighter. Thank you Hanna!!"

Tim Cleasby

"Did the skin plan after seeking Hanna's advice and haven't looked back! I've had guttate psoriasis on and off for 8 years this year and it's just stating to clear. I've had a juice everyday since the plan and been following a healthier lifestyle, drinking plenty of water and exercising whenever possible including cycling and yoga. I have clear circles of skin appearing around my middle and thighs. I'm just so happy with this progress and it's thanks to Hanna's inspiration!"

Chloe Conner

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